Our story

“Discarded America” is the latest documentary film from Indie Genius Productions that takes an in-depth look at racial and social injustice in rural America through the eyes of people with mental health concerns who have been affected by law enforcement, educators and public policy.

Our values

Indie Genius Productions believes in covering topics that haven’t always been covered from all angles. We believe that by looking at all sides of an issue while talking to a wide diversity of people with differing beliefs, the audience will be better able to make up their own mind with well informed decisions. When you only hear one side of an issue talk, you don’t get to make a fully formed a decision as when you hear a differing viewpoint. That is how we all grow as human beings.

We will be applying the same value to our latest documentary film “Discarded America.”

Indie Genius Productions discourages any form of physical and/or verbal abuse/assault among our team members. This carries over into our films such as Discarded America. 

We expect and demand team members respect each other along with our advisory board or be summarily dismissed. We take this very seriously.

Awards - Indie Genius Productions

Fantasia Film Festival Audience Award

“Your Mommy Kills Animals” documentary from Indie Genius Productions


Montreal International Film Festival Award

“Your Mommy Kills Animals” documentary from Indie Genius Productions

Hot Docs Film Festival AWard

“Your Mommy Kills Animals documentary from Indie Genius Productions

Academy Award – Best Documentary Short


Curt Johnson co-producer

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